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Expressions by Walgreens: Teacher Tribute to UCHS Arts Teacher Todd Yancy and others


Expressions by Walgreens Teacher Tributes

May is officially Teacher Appreciation Month, and this year more than ever we are grateful for the hard work and dedication of all teachers. Expressions by Walgreens is recognizing eight teachers who have gone above and beyond in embracing the Expressions mission. These teachers are strong supporters, allowing us to engage their students in their classes and, helping students complete their Expressions’ entries.   

Without a doubt, teachers are essential in the success of our teens and we must always #thankateacher.

A big Thank You, to the teachers we are recognizing:



Michael Cullinane

Journalism Teacher, Nicholas Senn High School

Mr. Cullinane has been a partner with Expressions for four years now. Mr. Cullinane goes above and beyond for his students, making sure that they are engaged and fully understand the content he is teaching. He also is involved with the school’s news program. 

Kara Escalante

Art Teacher, Theodore Roosevelt High School

Mrs. Escalante has been a partner with Expressions for over two years now, and she has truly supported our mission in her classroom. Mrs. Escalante has made Expressions a part of her curriculum and encouraged her students to take on new and beneficial opportunities. 

Jeanne Miller

English Teacher, Homewood-Flossmoor High School

Mrs. Miller has been a partner with Expressions for over six years! Mrs. Miller has always encouraged and supported her students in going above and beyond in and out of the classroom. Every year, Ms. Miller allows us to speak to her classes about Expressions, even encouraging extra visits to make sure her students have the opportunity to ask questions. We know that her students, like us, really appreciate all of her support.

Mary Rossi

Art Teacher, Chicago High School of Agricultural Sciences 

Ms. Rossi has been an amazing partner with Expressions for almost five years! Every year she has supported our mission and allowed us to speak at her classes. For the last two years, we have received the most entries from her students, than any other teacher. Ms. Rossi truly embraces our mission of empowering students to express what matters.


Kim Jaoko

Art Teacher, East St. Louis Senior High School

We are recognizing Ms. Jaoko because year after year she has always incorporated Expressions into her art curriculum for all of her classes. She allows Expressions to visit with her classes and has always encouraged her students to go above and beyond with their creative talent. 

Nick Johnson

Media Teacher, Belleville West High School 

We are recognizing Mr. Johnson because of his support and dedication to Expressions. For the last couple of years, Mr. Johnson has encouraged his students to take on the Expression Challenge and voice what matters. His classes focus on mostly video production and that is no easy task. Yet, he supports his students in the creation, editing, and uploading of their videos. Thank you so much for your support!

Kem Smith

English Teacher, McCluer North High School

Ms. Smith has been a great advocate of Expressions to her students. Ms. Smith understands the importance of Expressing yourself and always encourages her students to use their talents to help others! We appreciate the opportunities to speak to her classes and look forward to working with her each year.

Todd Yancy

Art Teacher, University City High School 

Mr. Yancy has been a partner of Expressions for over five years! Every year, he encourages his students to enter Expressions and offers his support in any way. He is a resource to his students and we know that they are extremely grateful for his support. We look forward to working with him in the future! 

We can’t say it enough to all the teachers but Thank you! Without you, programs like Expressions wouldn’t be as impactful to youth. We love engaging with you, your students, and your school. We look forward to working with you in the future.