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Fox 2 News: Students commemorate graduation curbside at University City High School

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Students commemorate graduation curbside at University City High School


“It’s a very important day for our seniors, one we’ve planned for some time. This is what I called our, ‘senior item curbside pickup,'” said Principal Mike Peoples.

Besides the diploma, the cap, and gown are the crowning reminders of graduation from high school. Friday morning in University City the class of 2020 did a drive-thru version of a time-honored tradition.

“I think it’s a good idea to try and give us some more inspiration and motivation. But it’s kind of a bummer,” said high school senior Kaylyn Little.

“It feels good to finally graduate and get it over with, you know,” said high school senior Maximilian Henderson

“Yeah, as the 2020 class I feel like it can make us stronger to get through things in life as we get older,” said high school senior Amoray Cunningham. “I think it teaches people discipline, self-control to stay in the house. Yeah, it does make you stronger.”

For now, prom has been rescheduled to June 6th and graduation June 15th. 150 seniors with siblings, moms, dads, and guardians lined up via automobile to accept their cap and gown. Also included, a t-shirt designed by the students to remember this year, for the rest of their lives.

“And for many families, these will be keepsakes and momentous that they’ll look back on and reflect on this very special occasion. And our seniors have been excited and looking forward to something also something positive to rally around. So, to see their faces coming through today meant the world us and I hope they feel it was as positive as we have,” said Principal Mike Peoples.