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Recap: A Great Men's Night Out for Students

mens night out

The Man of Valor program is designed to give boys and young men attending The School District of University City positive role models, supports and activities.

Headed by Bishop Luther Baker, the organization hosted its second-annual Young Men’s Night Out on April 26 at University City High School. The night provided a mix of both fun activities and breakout sessions focusing on youth empowerment for young men from both the high school and Brittany Woods Middle School.

Those sessions covered topics such as dating and relationships, professionalism, goal-setting, financial empowerment after high school and leadership through community service.

But there were ways to kick-back as well. Those who attended got to do some gaming on an actual bus tricked-out with multiple gaming stations. Others played board games and pick-up basketball games. And barbers were on-hand to give free linings and shadow cutting. The food was pretty good, too.   

UCHS junior Jaden Brooks was on-hand to document the night. Please enjoy his photographs of the event.

haircut  kids dinner