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STEM-capable Teachers

McCadney at stem TQ Washington University in St. Louis
STEM TQ: developing STEM-capable teachers

July 2017 | by, Myra Lopez

...Coming into STEM TQ, sixth-grade science teacher Rubina McCadney didn’t know what to expect. She thought it might be a lot of sitting and note taking. But the reality was “beyond awesome,” she said.

“I do a lot of PD, but nothing like this. It has been really involved and hands-on inquiry-based learning,” said McCadney, a teacher at Brittany Woods Middle School in the School District of University City. “I’m excited and motivated. Just in awe of everything that I’ve done.”

During the institute, she learned the importance of creating opportunities for students to see themselves in STEM careers. This is vital because many corporations are looking to fill jobs of the future with highly skilled, diverse applicants...

Photo: STEM TQ participants Brett Kalmes (left) and Rubina McCadney try to find ways to improve a PEZ dispenser.

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