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Closing the Homework Gap with WiFi

To help the more than 1,400 students in The School District of University City achieve their academic goals, T-Mobile is providing the district with wireless service, free hotspots and credits to purchase Chromebooks through its EmpowerED program. T-Mobile will provide all of the students with a free wireless hotspot so they can stay connected to the Internet at home or wherever they go. The district will get free unlimited data service for half of its students and the other half will get unlimited data for just $10 per month, which will be covered by the district.  

Many families in the U.S. don’t have high-speed Internet at home, which is a problem known as the Digital Divide. For students to succeed academically and compete in today’s digital world, they need equal access to online learning. Without this access, disconnected students can fall behind their peers, creating the Homework Gap. Mobile access has the power to close this gap and T-Mobile is helping to do that with EmpowerED, its program that provides wireless devices and service plans to students and schools.