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Join us! Safe, Healthy, Wise: Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths

Debunking vaccine flyer Superintendent Sharonica Hardin-Bartley hosted a virtual community meeting on Tues. Feb. 23, 2021, regarding the facts and benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. The session entitled Safe, Healthy, Wise: Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths featuring speaker Denise Hooks-Anderson, M.D., a specialist in family medicine at SLU and the interim assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

In order to dispel myths around the COVID-19 vaccine, Dr. Hooks-Anderson has been partnering with clergy leaders of all denominational backgrounds to build public confidence to successfully vaccinate our diverse community. During this hour-long Zoom meeting, she shared the facts about COVID-19 vaccines and why you should get the vaccine.

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