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UCHS Students Receive Academic Letters

UniqueUCHS Students Receive Academic Letters Tradition Recognizes Exceptional Academic Achievement

University City High School and the UCHS PTO recognized more than 100 students during an in-school assembly on Oct. 17, 2018, for exceptional academic achievement. In a tradition unique to UCHS, students can earn academic letters and pins like those student-athletes receive for athletic performance.

This year, 69 students received an academic letter for the first time, including three current seniors. Another 74 who have already received an academic letter received a pin to recognize an additional year of exceptional achievement. In total, 143 UCHS students received a letter or a pin for their 2017-18 academic accomplishments. To qualify for an academic letter or pin, students must have attained at least a 3.0 GPA in the preceding school year. Graduating seniors are recognized at spring graduation based upon their GPA for the first three-quarters of their senior year. The “Pins & Letters” ceremony (also known as Academic “U”) is a tradition that has existed at UCHS for many years.

“We are proud of these students and their exceptional academic performance,” said Michael Peoples, UCHS principal. “This unique UCHS tradition recognizes students who show dedication and commitment to their education. We believe it is highly important to recognize students for their classroom success in this way, just as we do when they succeed on the field or court.”

This story was updated to reflect additional students not included in the original count.