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Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Students Study the Science of Sound

JGEC student with thumb pianoSound is everywhere, even if we can’t see it. Preschoolers in Annie Mann’s classroom at Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Education Center had the unique chance to explore the science and the magic of sound with the St. Louis Science Center and The Sheldon concert hall and galleries through a program called the SOLID Project, which stands for Science of Learning Instrument Design.

As part of the class’ STEAM exploration, the preschoolers worked with science center staff to experiment with everyday objects to create and learn about the origin of sound. They then used their exploration to create unique musical instruments out of everyday objects and repurposed materials.

The students’ learning struck a high note for the school year. Students produced unique music with handmade drums, maracas, xylophones and string instruments out of used canisters, tightly wound string, rocks and more. 

The students’ instruments were showcased at a special gallery reception on May 3, 2022, inside the Sheldon’s main ballroom. 

This is the fifth classroom of students at Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Education Center to participate in the SOLID Project.

Photo: Jesse Bulle, a Julia Goldstein Early Education Childhood Center pre-kindergartner, received a blue ribbon during a reception at The Sheldon for his African thumb piano made out of cardboard, styrofoam and bobby pins.