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Meet Joe Lion - A Crusader for Health and Wellness

meet joe lion

Meet Joe Lion – A Crusader for Health and Wellness

By Nancy Cambria
Director of Communications

Meet Joe Lion. He stands proud, over 6 feet tall on his back paws, and embraces all of the members of The School District of University City community as a part of his Pride. As a leader with heart and courage, Joe Lion knows about wellness, safety and kindness amid a scary and confusing time for children and adults. That’s why he’s the District’s “mane” mascot for Health of a Lion.

Thanks to Joe, our students and staff will be supported with kind messages about health, safety, wellness and learning. He understands that everyone is in it together during tough times. Joe’s also got major style (and lots of hair products). He pounced on a chance to pose for more than 800 wellness signs posted in our school buildings for when they return to school. You can see some of the elementary school signs below.

Joe’s also got a thing for acting. He’s currently under contract with a major motion picture studio to star in videos for U. City students and families. He’ll be presenting well-being tips for students as they learn from home and when they come back to school buildings. And, Joe loves his fans. He encourages all of his Pride to write notes of support, gratitude and love to Joe will post those positive messages on social media – because he’s got a gazillion followers.

Joe and The School District of University City understand that children cannot learn if they are not well, and children, staff and families need extra TLC during a global pandemic. Joe knows that some of our families are struggling with increasing job, housing, health and food insecurity due to a virus that was not their fault. Joe knows that the virus is being particularly cruel to our African-American community. And he understands that learning and teaching are really hard right now amid disruption and stress.

Joe has a superstar team:

  • School nurses serving all of the district buildings.
  • Newly hired certified nursing assistant to help with safety and health.
  • Social workers and counselors.
  • Trauma specialists working with elementary school students.
  • Professionals from Wyman who work in all District schools to promote social and emotional learning.
  • Alive and Well Communities, which teaches our staff and students to understand, recognize and address trauma in our community – particularly the trauma of racism and racial inequity.
  • A crew of volunteers and partners to provide families with needed food and essentials. And more.

Thanks, Joe Lion, for taking care and having both the Heart and Health of a Lion!

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