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Camp U Welcomes 400 Students

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On June 7, The School District of University City launched Camp U: A summer of exploration and discovery. About 400 students in grades 1 through 8 are enrolled in one of both of the camp’s consecutive three week sessions.

Camp U is a hands-on, experienced based learning summer program intended to prevent summer slide and help students regain academic ground that may have been lost during COVID-19. Project-based learning, combined with fun themes and field trips, provide a great summer experience with time to get outdoors and around time. Camp U further utilizes partnerships with many area learning partners, including The Magic House, St. Louis Science Center, Missouri Botanical Garden, Missouri History Museum and the St. Louis Chess Club.

Camps are being held at Jackson Park Elementary (grades 1-5) and Brittany Woods Middle School (grades 6-8) through July 16. There are two three-week sessions

Slots are currently full in grades 1-5, however, parents may reach out to elementary camp director Jessica Clark at for possible last minute openings by grade level or to be placed on a waiting list. There are still openings at Brittany Woods (grades 6-8). Please contact middle school director Yvonne Rooks at for more information. 

Camp U. and University City High School Summer School Contacts

Health and Safety

  • Parents must fill out a COVID-19 screener app on their phone every morning before their child comes to school. Click here for more information.
  • All Camp U students and University City High School students must wear face masks while in school buildings.
  • Physical distancing will be utilized in school buildings
  • Parents may review the COVID-19 Dashboard to keep track of the number of active cases and quarantines among campers. The Dashboard is updated on Wednesdays or on an as-needed basis. 
  • The District utilizes intensive contact tracing if an active case is confirmed. Parents will be notified by calls and letters regarding a possible need to quarantine and of active cases.

The following themed camps are part of Camp U:

Rising 1st graders

June 7-25: Inspired By Nature
How can observing the natural world help us find solutions to human problems?

June 28-July 16: Boom, Boom, Flash
How can we use light and sound to communicate different kinds of feelings without words?

Rising 2nd graders

June 7-25: Community Superheroes
What makes someone a community hero?

June 28 - July 16: Safety Avengers
In case of a fire or other dangers, what are the best ways to be safe?

Rising 3rd graders

June 7-25: Marking History, Making History
How can we as historians uncover and share stories about our community?

June 28-July 16: Shrinking Our Footprints
How can we use data to reduce our families’ impact on the environment?

Rising 4th graders

June 7-25: Community Photojournalist
How can we, as photojournalists, tell the untold stories of our community?

June 28-July 16: Making Space for Change
How can we redesign a public space to make it more environmentally sustainable?

Rising 5th graders

June 7-25: Starting a Business
How do businesses start and grow to become financially successful?

June 28-July 16: Quadrats to Biodiversity
Can one square meter predict the health of our ecosystem?

Middle School (PDF Brochure)
June 7-25 or June 28-July 16
Giving Garden - taught by Rubina McCadney
Are you a person who likes to explore the outdoors? Do you wonder what you can do to create a more balanced life for yourself and maybe even our planet? If so, this camp is for you! We’ll talk about what YOU need or want in YOUR life! Each day we will also spend time maintaining our plants and chickens in our campus Giving Garden. That’s not all! We’ll also examine social justice work involved in making sure EVERYONE has what they need to not only survive but to thrive. Plan on having a ton of fun and relaxation. 

June 7-25 or June 28-July 16
BWMS Drumline - taught by Justin Spencer
Do you enjoy playing to the beat of your own drum? Well, together we can make some banging music! During the Drumline Camp you will learn the mental and physical aspects of percussion performance through technique and musicianship. The program is uniquely designed to enhance your positive attitude, leadership skills, and establish a uniformed playing style.

June 7-25 or June 28-July 16
Makers Unite! - Taught by Kelly Werthmulller
Do you like to invent, tinker and create with tech tools? In this camp you will have the opportunity to explore and create digitally with three different tech rotations: 3D Design, Podcasting, and Graphic Design. Campers are encouraged to be inventive and use their critical thinking skills while collaborating on projects with other campers who have similar interests.

June 7-25 or June 28-July 16
Dance Fusion - taught by Jehmela Wilson
Do you love to dance and move? In this camp you will learn competitive dance and step. We will use high energy, rhythmic movements to create beats using various parts of our bodies with step and dance moves. Come prepared for a fun, creative session building relationships and yourself! This camp is built on leadership, self-esteem, discipline, creative and sportsmanship.

June 7-25 only
Food Fantasy taught by Astra Alsobrook  
Can you imagine a world where you can pick your favorite fruit without going to the grocery store? Historically there have been food deserts in impoverished communities. In this camp we will explore what food deserts are, visit urban gardens, and develop a tool to help all people learn to make healthy dishes and lifestyle choices.

June 7-25 or June 28-July 16
Bon Appetit - taught by D'Angello Collier 
Are you a foodie who loves to cook? Cooking creatively is an art form that brings people from all over the world together. You will learn the basics of cooking and baking with simple ingredients and minimal kitchen tools. As a budding chef this camp will boost your self-confidence and build your knowledge of the culinary arts.

June 7-25 or June 28-July 16
Clay Creations - taught by Andrea Linskey 
This is a camp where CLAY meets COMMUNITY. Have you ever noticed the beautiful sculptures right here in our own backyard? We will take a deep dive into the world of clay and how it can be used as a form of self expression and to beautify any space. Let your creativity flow as you form works of art that represents who you are and what you are passionate about. To inspire our creativity, we will visit galleries in Ucity with ceramic artwork, seek and gather natural resources in our community, and create our own unique sculptures.

June 7-25 or June 28-July 16
Lionsgate - taught bby Jamie Young
What makes University City so unique in St. Louis? From the famous restaurants and landmarks to the issues of equity, University City is rich with history. Grab your walking shoes and be prepared to explore many of the different neighborhoods that make up our diverse community. In this camp, we will explore Ucity’s most iconic neighborhoods and sights while also unpacking inequities within the community.

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