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UCHS Students Outfit The Loop with Mannequins Decked Out in Recycled Materials

scholarship winners

Every spring for the past 11 years the University City Loop comes alive with creative, highly embellished mannequins that line the sidewalks of Delmar Boulevard. For the past two years, students from University City High School have been proud artistic contributors to the event called Mannequins on the Loop.

The project is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Audrey Jones and Dorothy Davis. Their goal is to bring a unique outdoor art exhibit to the community by getting local artists, designers, store merchants and other stakeholders involved in an effort to beautify six blocks of the Delmar Loop with provocative art.

This year’s theme was: "If Not Now, When? Recycling Matters.”

“The focus of this project is to bring awareness to recycling and transforming recyclable materials into a work of art,” said Jones. “This is the second year that students from University City High School participated in this project.  Last year, students adorned five mannequins and a $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Brandi Redmond, class of 2018. This year, students adorned four mannequins, and we awarded three $2,500 scholarships.”

The student recipients of this year’s scholarships were Terrico Garrett, Courtney Taylor and Autumn White (all UCHS Class of ’19). The students were selected for both their essays about recycling and their unique mannequin creations. UCHS teachers Marnie Claunch, Amanda Bell and Matt Horn supported the students as they created their mannequins and wrote their essays.

“This was a wonderful experience for my students,” said Claunch, a visual arts teacher. “The students and I were excited to be a part of this competition again. My students loved being able to use their creativity and appreciation for recycling to create a fun and unique mannequin named Craftalina. Students repurposed paper, foil, wire hangers, fabric, and foam to represent Queen Bean Corner 17 Craft Alliance by painting, weaving, and braiding materials.”

Design teacher Amanda Bell led another creative team called “Corner 17.” The team used everyday household items that typically get tossed out or lost in the basement to create a mannequin called Mei Sun. The materials included drinking straws, chopsticks, plastic bottle caps, donated fabric, paint, yarn and hot glue.

Bell led another design team in the competition that focused on Starbucks items to create a mannequin dubbed Queen Bean.  The team used donated items such as drinking straws, coffee bean bags, old gift cards, a Starbucks apron, paint, wire and hot glue.

“We all worked hard this year,” Bell said.

Here is a complete list of the 2019 Mannequins on the Loop students, along with their respective team leaders/teachers.

Claunch’s studio art team: Keyon Beasley, Dawnyee Carter, Erianna Funches, Nyjah Hudson, I’Aiyana Redden, Autumn White and Annika Williams.

Horn’s WE School team: Eliot Fuller, Aree’ Quarles, Rebecca Rico, Ben Shostak, Sierra Tyler and Autumn White.

WE Schools Craftalina Bell’s “Corner 17” fashion design team: Sasha Bonilla, Angel Bryant, Alexis Hambrick, Gorvon Henry, Niarre Phillips, Darius Pointer, Brianna Stokes, Courtney Taylor and Brennyn Wilke.

Bell’s “Starbucks” fashion design team: Keisha Atkins, Bri’asia Brown, Terrico Garrett, Shawn Hall, Andrea Harris, Merrick Hoel, Mykah James, Robbyn Nave and Antanay Sutton.

The 11th annual Mannequins on the Loop project kicked off on Saturday, April 20, 2019. Mannequins were on display beginning on May 18th and commencing with a finale on Sunday, June 9, 2019. 

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