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The Delmar Loop Project

Delmar Loop Map

This year for The Week of the Young Child, we are celebrating some of the amazing work that our young Lions have accomplished at Julia Goldstein. As a Reggio-Inspired school, one of the main ways we engage learning is through authentic projects. Here is a word about them from Reggio Educator Lella Gandini:

“Projects are based on the strong conviction that learning by doing is of great importance and that to discuss in groups and to revisit ideas and experiences is essential to gain better understanding and to learn. Projects may start from a chance event, an idea or a problem posed by one or more children, or an experience initiated directly by teachers. They can last from a few days to several months.”

Last year the students in Pride 15 started on a project that flowed through the course of a year, all starting with a question from our music teachers, Ms. Belle. She gave the students a piece of paper and asked them to use their imaginations to determine what it could be. One child rolled up the paper and declared it to be a treasure map. A project was born! First the class started drawing maps for fun. Then, they started creating picture maps of their walks around the neighborhood. A Map of Julia Goldstein was created for a parent night, one that is still hanging on our wall today!

kids take pictures with ipads kids make 3D map

kids map 3D map

Our connection to the community is an important piece of this project. We are thankful to live in a place where we can walk to so many places: the library, the Post Office, and the farmer’s market to name just a few. After taking many walks to the U City Loop, the class decided to make a 3-D map of the Loop. This was a major project which involved many steps for research (taking picture walks with ipads) and studying buildings on Google Maps. We worked on teams to create buildings, streets, the trolley, statues, traffic lights, mailboxes, and more!

students make buildings with teacher recycled material buildings

“All the people walked through the Loop. We found the buildings and took pictures to tell people about the map that we made. We worked together building all the things.” – Ava, age 5.

"We go to the Loop. We take a picture of the buildings we made in Ms. Dawn's room and we put them on a board just like they are on the Loop." - Saida, age 5.

3D map of delmar loop