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Julia Goldstein Community Garden: An Outdoor Classroom

girls water garden

It is The Week of the Young Child,  a national event to bring visibility to the needs and education of young children and their families. Today, we are celebrating outdoor education, and the first anniversary of Julia Goldstein Community Garden.
In April 2019 a grant was awarded through UCEF to create a children’s garden at Julia Goldstein. Parents Pride, our parent organization, helped make this dream a reality.
In its first year, the garden has been an amazing source of learning. The children simply love to do any and ALL of our garden jobs, from digging and planting seeds, to watering, weeding, and harvesting. While each classroom has a garden bed and decides what to plant, taking care of our garden is a community effort. There are always many questions and observations as we notice what is growing.
We naturally learn the life cycle of a plant through harvesting seeds, saving them, and planting them again. We like to bring the garden inside to play “kitchen” while we harvest seeds. We also like to bring our easels and clipboards out to the garden to paint or sketch.
Many teachers new to gardening are learning as we go, too. One big lesson is how easy and fun it is to garden with preschoolers! We will have them ready for our kids upon our return to school

children harvest garden painting in garden   community garden sign

painting and children's garden