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Students Help Paint Word-Wall Mural

word wall parent help Julia Goldstein ECEC has the first vocabulary-inspired playground in Missouri!
The playground was funded and built by PNC Bank Grow Up Great in 2016. Through a grant with PNC Bank designed to support the development and advancement of vocabularies of preschool children in low-economic areas, JGEC was able to add a "word" wall.
"The 'word' wall, painted by local artist Cbabi Byaoc and the children, families and staff of Julia Goldstein ECEC, will serve as inspiration for conversation for years to come," said Principal Crystal Cauley.
After the Nov. 14, 2018, Mind Full of Words Smarty Word Party for Julia Goldstein parents, many of them picked up a paintbrush to add "heart" to the beauty of the playground's "word" wall painting.
BTW: Cbabi also painted a mural for Brittany Woods Middle School.