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Students Make School Map

students make maps Putting the Learning Reimagined pillar of "Problematize" into action... Students in Ms. Corrie’s class (Pride 15 - Ms. Corrie Hamilton) worked together to create a map of their school for their special visitors.
Working in teams, students took photos, placed them on the map, drew pictures, and wrote the words to label it - as part of their curriculum. These young students began their interest in mapping by drawing imaginary treasure maps, then discussed maps to real places, and created a map to nearby Lewis Park.
The students decided there was a need for a map of their school so that parents and grandparents would know where to pick them up - and shared these with new and prospective families during the Nov. 6, 2018, See Our Schools Night.
Small copies of the large maps are available in the school office for visitors to Julia Goldstein ECEC.
Special thanks to teacher assistant Jessica Job (below) for all her support!
JGEC map creators with teacher
JGEC map photographers JGEC map creators with teacher JGEC map creators with teacher
Students used an iPad to take photos, then created a map in the classroom.