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New U. City Municipal Calendar Features Stunning Student Art


Near the start of the new year, University City residents got a bright dose of creativity in their mailboxes when they received the annual University City Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters annual calendar. Thanks to a partnership with the city’s Young Artist Community Collaboration, every page of the community calendar features artwork by University City students under the theme of "Stronger Together."   

The artwork was designed by students to encourage feelings of hope, compassion and encouragement. District art teachers submitted photographs of student art projects. The artwork was then judged by the Arts Commissioners based on originality, message impact and visual appeal to promote and inspire strength and togetherness. The Commission selected winners in elementary, middle and high school categories who then received a $50 Blick Art Store gift card, and a spot in the calendar.  

"The calendar is gorgeous and the artwork is timely, vivid and so creative," said Superintendent Sharonica Hardin-Bartley. "Many thanks to District art teachers and the Commissioners for making this a beautiful reality."

Click here for printable PDF of the 2022 U. City Calendar

 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28 UCity_Calendar_2022_R4_10-28  

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