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Manufacturing Day with Boeing

Boeing fieldtrip

Photo above courtesy of Boeing

Manufacturing Day with Boeing On October 18, 2018, eighteen juniors and seniors from University City High School and Lieberman Learning Center, most interested in technical careers or non-traditional post-secondary paths, visited the St. Louis Community College's WorkForce Center for hands-on activities and toured one of the manufacturing floors of Boeing where parts are produced for the Boeing 777.

"It was super cool!" said Katy-Jane Johnson, UCHS guidance counselor. "This was an awesome opportunity for our students. It is very rare for Boeing to let people tour their facilities."

The purpose of Manufacturing Day with Boeing was to expose students to different career pathways and options after high school.

Special thanks to UCHS school guidance counselors Katy-Jane Johnson and April Money along with Leslie Keaveny, transition specialist for Lieberman Learning Center and University City Adult Education and Literacy Program, for providing this unique Learning Reimagined in Action experience for these high-school students. 



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