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Updated: District's Annual STEAM Expo 2021 goes Virtual: November 16


steamThe School District of University City is going virtual for its 2021 STEAM Expo!

The STEM (now STEAM) Expo is one of the District's most popular learning events of the year, bringing students, teachers, parents and district partners together to engage with STEAM activities, displays, experiments and more. Unfortunately, COVID-19 spreads easily in crowded indoor spaces. So, this year, we will take our big event virtual with 18 online sessions presented by our students, teachers and partners.

Why STEM ---> STEAM?
This year the District is adding the arts to STEM. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Why STEAM? Simply put, nearly all innovation in STEM couldn't happen without a healthy dose of the arts. The arts help us envision future innovation, unlock creativity and enable new ways of thinking and are a foundation of STEM.

What is STEAM in The School District of University City?
STEAM is meaningful integration of content, complex thinking, application, problem-solving, and personal discovery.

How it will work
Guests: We are asking our parents, caregivers and other guests to attend virtually by joining the zoom presentations conducted by our STEAM presenters.
Links to attend are coming soon to our STEAM website: STEAMExpo2021

Exhibitors/presenters: We are asking students, community partners and staff to sign up now to be presenters via Zoom sessions (live or recorded) during the event. We need your STEAM minds to showcase the amazing STEAM fun and engaging models, exhibits and presentations that open up pathways to great thinking engaged in science, technology, engineering, art and math. #STEMisEVERYWHERE. 

Click here for more information and to Sign up as guest or an exhibitor!