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New! See Our Getting Started on Canvas How-To Guide for Parents

Pershing classroom first day 2021

Coffee Canvas Oct. 4Getting to know Canvas:
Register for 9 a.m. or 5 p.m. Session on October 4, 2021

As promised, we are hosting a Coffee and Canvas get-together at the new McNair Administration Building (7700 Olive Blvd.) on Monday, October 4. There are two sessions to pick from: one at 9 a.m. and another at 5 p.m. Parents and caregivers are invited to learn more about using Canvas, our new learning management system, and how you can use the system to help your teacher and child. We’ll also help you “pair” electronically with your child’s Canvas account if you have not already. Please register ahead of time at Masks are required to attend.

Parents have a new way to monitor their students' progress in their classes through Canvas, a learning management system. This system is used nationwide in public and private schools as well as colleges and universities.

All K-12 students were assigned a Canvas account at the start of the school year. This is the place they can go to find their assignments, submit coursework, go to online lessons, track their progress and see their grades.

Parents also have the ability to login to Canvas as an observer of their child's account. They are able to click into each course and check their students' progress, assignments, grades and more.

It takes about five minutes for a parent to sign up for a Canvas observer account for one or all of their children in the District. A desktop computer might be easier for your sign-up. After you have your account, login and password, you can easily sign in via a Canvas button on the District homepage or through a Canvas app that you can download on your cell phone.

To see the complete Getting Started with Canvas how to guide, click here.


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