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The Peace Place is Your Place To Be Well

peace place

In a time when stress is high and everyone in the University City Community is challenged by COVID-19 to be safe while also taking on new roles and responsibilities, the School District of University City invites all of you to take advantage of The Peace Place. It is a new section on the District website featuring wellness tools to utilize any time you need them.

The Peace Place provides tools for relaxation, mindfulness and calm. It contains dozens of links to: 

  • Ambient music and nature sounds
  • Visual relaxation scenes
  • Guided meditation and mindfulness exercises
  • Live animal cams
  • Calming coloring and craft exercises
  • Popular smartphone apps for mindfulness 

The Peace Place also provides links to local and school district resources regarding health, mental health, community assistance and more. It is open to the entire University City community and will expand later this year with even more resources.

The Peace Place is offered under the District's vision of Learning Reimagined, which includes Well-Being and Joy among staff, students and families as one of its guiding principals - because students learn better when they are well and when their teachers are parents are well.

We welcome recommendations for other resources to add to The Peace Place by contacting

Please also share The Peace Place link with your colleagues, family and students: Peace Place.