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GATE Students Learn About Life and Maps

Students in Anne Cummings Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) class explored the world of maps. The 6th graders recently took a field trip to The Map Room, which is an installation sponsored by COCA.  Students have been working on the history and social implication of maps. The St. Louis Map Room is a pop-up community space for exploring and creating original, interpretive maps of the city that reflect the personal stories of its residents. Over the course of a month, a diverse set of community groups–spanning students, activists, historians, artists, public servants, and more–will convene to make large-scale maps that express their experiences in the historically divided city of St. Louis. Free and open to the public, visitors will be invited to explore present and historic civic data using maps as instruments. Interactive projections will allow viewers to overlay these community maps with census data, historic city-planning maps, live policing data, and more, to understand how the community has been shaped by acts of mapping.

"I was contacted by Jer Thorp, the New York Times data artist who conceived The Map Room and he asked for permission to mention our school and students at a talk he's giving at Tulane University.," Cummings said. "The field trip gave us a chance to delve into the historical roots and continued impact of racism in St. Louis."

For more info on the project, watch the video on our school homepage.