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Orchestra Students Earn Top Ratings

Recently, six of our Brittany Woods Middle School Orchestra students attended the St. Louis Suburban Solo and Small Ensemble Festival held at Holman Middle School. All students prepared music outside of school and performed in front of judges who graded them on their fundamental techniques and musical effect. Each student was given a rating of 1-5 (1=superior, 2=excellent, 3=good, 4=fair, 5=weak). Five of our students received a rating of 1 and one of our students received a rating of 2. It is exciting to see them do so well. 

Please congratulate all of tour students. It takes a lot of courage and determination to perform in front of a judge and these students represented our school beautifully!

Tim Gibson (8th Grade) – Cello Solo : Superior Rating of 1


Mariah Collins (7th Grade) – Viola Solo : Excellent Rating of 2


Ella Chisholm (7th Grade) – String Quartet : Superior Rating of 1


Rhiannon Kirk-Foster (7th Grade) – String Quartet: Superior Rating of 1


Daniel Looby (7th Grade) – String Quartet : Superior Rating of 1


Emma Scharff (7th Grade) – String Quartet : Superior Rating of 1