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STEM Field Trip Explores Prairie

Courtesy of The Center for Conservation in Forest Park, Pershing third-grade students explored Deer Lake's Prairie to gain an understanding native habitats and native species within the prairie environment.

Thanks to a special collaboration with the St.Louis Children's Zoo, third-grade students from across University City are being offered the opportunity for this field trip and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) outdoor, learning experience.

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Deer Lake Savanna is a 24-acre complex of restored natural communities. Prior to its restoration, this area consisted only of mowed grass and a scattering of planted landscape trees. Today the area consists of prairie, savanna, woodland and wetland restorations and is one of the most biologically diverse habitats in Forest Park, harboring hundreds of native plant and wildlife species. The trails through the area provide great viewing for wildlife like Monarch butterflies, and the seasonal changes in vegetation offer a dynamic aesthetic in the natural scenery. Even the dead tree snags scattered through the area are useful as perches for raptors to peer down from or for woodpeckers to scavenge insect and other bird to nest in. This site also hosts Council Circle, a small outdoor classroom space used by school groups, picnickers, or individuals just looking for a peaceful place to rest.

Students explore prairie