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Saturdays Count Too

Saturdays Count Too

On this past Saturday (April 1) , 45 students from Pershing and Barbara C. Jordan Elementary Schools participated in Home Depot's Saturday Workshop for kids.  The workshop provided the students with a lively environment that integrated skill-building, creativity, and safety. 

In addition, students completed a Knowledge Hunt with the help of Home Depot’s lovely employees. The Knowledge Hunt, created by Mrs. McGarvin (PER) and Mrs. Colquitt (PER Instructional Coach), required students to use their “math thinking” to solve problems with information found throughout the store.   As classroom experience shows, hands-on measurement activities are motivational and connect mathematics to the real world. An appreciation of standard units of measurement begins when students find it is a shared language.

Here is one such problem completed by students during the hunt. Please drop by your local Home Depot or go to their web site to fill in the dollar amounts for each product.




Number of Gallons Needed

Price Per Gallon

Total Paid

Paint Department

Bay 4

Glidden Diamond Eggshell Pure White

124 FL oz.




Paint Department

Bay 8

America’s Finest Semi-Gloss Base 4

112 FL oz.




Paint Department

Bay 1

Behr Ceiling Flat

Pure White

3.79 L or

128 FL oz.




Ashton is painting the cafeteria at school.  He has $500.  Does he have enough to purchase the above materials? If not, how much more money does he need to purchase these materials? If he does have enough money, how much change will he have? Explain your thinking.

Thanks again to University City School teachers Mrs. McGarvin (PER) and Mrs. Blackshear-Bryant (BCJ) for organizing such a great experience for the students. Please head over to our Facebook page to see additional pictures and the Knowledge Hunt.

Mrs. McGarvin & Mrs. Colquitt