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Scholastic Highlights Elementary School Literacy Program In New Video

In 2018, the District's four elementary schools received a fantastic new resource to help with accelerating early literacy in our students. Each school was provided with a Leveled Reading Room stocked with hundreds of books from Scholastic.

The rooms, essentially small libraries for instructors, enable our teachers to check out multiple copies of children's books specifically catered to the reading levels, educational needs and interests of individual or groups of students. The libraries are also stocked with suggested lesson plans for each book. Books are cataloged by reading level, subject matter and targeted skills to master. And, best of all, students now have access to hundreds of "authentic texts" that better reflect their own experiences and identities. 

Last year Scholastic visited the elementary schools to see how the teachers and students were doing with this new resource. They interviewed many of our staff on the Leveled Reading Rooms and then created a special video on their use in University City Schools. The District is delighted to share that video with you. The video shows that it is exciting to have a resource that helps teachers humanize, personalize and problematize the early literacy experience of our young learners.