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Engage at Every Age

yardwork kids with tools and bags As part of their Civic Responsibility PBL, third- and fourth-grade JP GATE students walked to a neighboring University City resident's home to help her with yard work.

"The kids absolutely loved helping Ms. Stanley!" said their teacher Lyndlee Mabry. "They worked SO hard! They ended up with a huge pile of sticks and 14 bags of brush."

When we they returned to the school, one student, Elizabeth, told Ms. Mabry, "It made me feel really good to do something for someone else just because - not because I had to, or for money, but because it felt good!"

As a culmination of this project, students volunteers at the U. City Public Library's “Engage at Every Age” event in celebration of Older American Month along with UCHS journalism students who presented their intergenerational project.






 girl pruning tree   Boy raking   two girls working together