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Jackson Park GATE Teams Shine at Challenge Cup

JP Equations Team GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) students from Jackson Park Elementary participated in Gifted Resource Council's Academic Challenge Cup 2017. These events were held on the campuses of Washington University and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Over 1200 students from more than 80 public, private and parochial schools in the St. Louis metropolitan area participated in this competition over a seven-day period in February and March.
The competition consists of a series of half-day events designed to challenge students in grades two through eight in mathematics, language arts and creative problem solving.
Jackson Park fifth grader, Fiona Wallace, was recognized as one of the top four players, out of 135, at the Equations competition on Tuesday, February 28.
Jackson Park's fifth grade Equation team, the Numerical Ninjas, was recognized for creative costume.  (Madelaine Province, Fiona Wallace, Roman Thomas, and Bryan Ammons).
Jackson Park's second/third grade Creative Convention team, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Geniuses, was recognized for creative name. (Tomas Casado, Shai Young, Rowan McFarland, Levi, McFarland and Elizabeth Joy).
Other teams - JP Math Inline image 1rates - Caitlin Kuhlmann, Bella Wright, AJ Holahan, and BCJ student Tori Wilson
                           JP Roman Numerals - Evie Garland, Jaylen Wilson, Freedom Champion, and Adelai Chisholm
                          JP Dream Team - Ella Ingram, Dylan Blake, Paisely McFarland, Parker Lemen, and Eliana Furdek
This competition draws bright students from diverse areas, bringing them together for a fun morning of friendly competition.
Academic Challenge Cup encourages students to strive for advanced learning in their area of strength while fostering creative thinking skills and a spirit of cooperation.