UCEF Memorandum of Agreement

  • UCEF agreement signing photo with both boards

    Members of The University City Board of Education and the University City Education Foundation celebrate their new partnership agreement.

    The Education Foundation and School District Signed a Joint Memorandum of Agreement on Jan. 19, 2017.

    The School District of University City has benefitted greatly from the support of the University City Education Foundation since 1996. Recently, the District and the Foundation signed a historic agreement to expand the relationship as the District begins a more strategic effort around fund development.

    “UCEF is a valued partner and I am excited about formalizing our partnership,” said Superintendent Sharonica Hardin-Bartley. “Together we will be able to craft a strategy that supports development on a larger scale to meet the growing needs in the District,” she said.

    The University City Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc., was established in 1996 to enhance the educational program in The School District of University City. The organization’s mission is to be “an agent for excellence in the University City public schools, stimulating innovative, exciting approaches to education, with measurable results, that can be broadly applied. The Foundation will accomplish this by raising and distributing private funds, engaging the community in school issues, and collaborating closely at each step with our public schools.”

    UCEF, through its annual competitive grant program and Pride Projects, has awarded more than 240 grants for more than $195,000 since 1997.

    The District began preliminary discussions in 2016 around strategic giving to support major initiatives. UCEF was also having discussions around expanding their ability to support the District beyond the teacher grants it has provided for years. Those discussions led to the agreement recently signed.
    UCEF president-elect, Stacy Clay described the memorandum of agreement as “a leap forward in the maturity of the relationship between UCEF and the school district.”

    “This agreement will help both organizations better focus on funding needs and goals. It is the clear next step in developing the relationship between the foundation and the District,” said Beverly Brandt, UCEF president.