Administrative Procedures for Flyers and Social Media

  • Sample flier from The Green Center The District does not endorse nor recommend any program or event. Literature or announcements must come from approved organizations that are both compatible with the objectives of the District and have social, recreational or educational value to the students. They must also be approved by the Superintendent, Principal or designee.

    • Flyers must be from non-profit organizations, District partners, education institutions, youth service organizations, and have approval from the District to be distributed in schools. Approval will be required for each flyer that your organization wishes to have posted to the website and/or distributed in schools. (Note: Effective April 3, 2017, The School District of University City has transitioned from paper to electronic flyer delivery through our service provider, Peachjar.) District partners include PTO organizations, existing sports/recreation leagues, non-profit business organizations and education institutions. The office of Communications maintains an approved District partner list. (Click here for criteria for approval.)
    • An actual sample of any flyer to be distributed shall be submitted to the school’s Key Communicator, Principal and/or the Communications office at least two (2) weeks prior to the time the external organization desires it to be distributed for review and approval. Only school-related information will be approved for distribribution during the first two (2) weeks nor the last two (2) weeks of a school year. (Click here for more information about Peachjar distribution.)
    • In addition, the distribution must be to a group or groups of students (e.g., the entire school, particular grade levels) and may not be to individually named students. A school may not distribute flyers only to the organization’s members at the school.
    • No District employee may promote during work time any of the programs or organizations that are the subject of any flyers and will avoid at all times giving the impression that the District endorses any such program. For purposes of these rules, “work time” will be from 30 (thirty) minutes before school begins for the day to 30 (thirty) minutes after school ends for the day and during any time that a District employee is performing any duty on behalf of the District.
    • No District employee will assist during work time in setting up or organizing any of the programs that are the subject of the flyers. This includes both passing out any material except in accordance with these rules and collecting or receiving back from students or parents such things as permission forms or fees associated with any outside organization.
      • Except for conducting meetings in school facilities either before school begins or after school ends (in accordance with District and school rules and procedures for using facilities during non-school hours), a representative of an external organization may not promote the activities of his organization on school premises during school time.

    Click here for more information about communications support for graphic design, printing, photography and videography.

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