Emergency School Closing Procedures

  • bus-1806454_1920 pixby snow crop .jpg The School District of University City takes any decision that changes our school day seriously and generally only do so when conditions pose a threat to the safety of our students and staff. The decision to close school or delay the start of school is not taken lightly. Unsafe conditions could be related to inclement weather, but they may also be caused by any emergency situation that arises in the District.

    In the event of an emergency, the District's administrative team may decide to close school for the entire District or specific buildings; or we may choose to open schools on a late-start schedule or dismiss early. Days missed due to school closures may be made up at the end of the school year as needed.

    When the decision has been made to close schools or to otherwise alter the school day, we use multiple ways to notify our community. Please note the following emergency closure procedures:

    • Information regarding school closings or late starts will be conveyed through the District's automated phone system, the District's website at www.ucityschools.org as well as local television and radio stations. A Facebook posting and a Twitter feed will also be launched with details regarding the closing.
    • In an emergency, updated parent/guardian contact information is vital. Check that your phone, text and email addresses are all accurate and complete by contacting your school's main office or registrar.
    • Please do not telephone your child’s school.  Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication.
    • While we avoid closing school early due to concern about children coming home to an empty house, in rare cases, there could be an emergency situation where parents/guardians are asked to pick up students early from school.  Every family should have a plan for picking up children from school in such a situation. Please make certain that your emergency contact information is updated with information detailing all adults who are authorized to pick up your child. 

    Think you’ve missed a SchoolMessenger call or email? Click here for more information.

    Need to update your Parent Portal contacts? Click here for online access to Tyler Parent Portal for Student Information

    Any questions regarding emergency school closing procedures, please contact the office of Communications & Community Outreach at (314) 290-4001 or email communications@ucityschools.org.