Early College Experience Timeframe & Documents

Early College Experience Overview

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    College Reimagined for the U!

    The University City Early College Experience is a College & Career Readiness Partnership where students graduate with both a University City High School Diploma and Associate Degree-General Transfer from St. Louis Community College after:

    • Completing the Summer UC Early College Experience on the STLCC-Forest Park Campus
    • Completing Dual Credit Classes Junior Year at University City High School
    • Completing Dual Enrollment Classes Senior Year on the STLCC-Forest Park Campus
    • Meeting All High School Graduation Requirements

    UC Early College Experience: A College and Career Readiness

    Class girl The School District of University City (SDUC) has partnered with St Louis Community College (STLCC) to develop an innovative, challenging curriculum and implement supports for both students and faculty to offer underserved students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

    The “University City Early College Experience” is based on a radical concept: challenge, not remediation, intended to motivate educationally underserved young people to complete high school in significantly higher numbers. An accelerated program of study – one that combines substantial college-level work while earning a high school diploma – not only will motivate greater numbers of students to excel in high school, but will graduate them “college-ready,” prepared for the rigors of postsecondary education.

    Significant financial savings embedded in the design—both to individuals and to society—makes the UC Early College Experience a worthwhile investment. College courses are offered at no cost to students, so that with the challenge of undertaking college course work comes the opportunity to save time and money in earning a postsecondary degree.

    UC Early College Summer Experience Begins the Summer Prior to Junior Year!

    The aim of the UC Early College Summer Experience is to equip students with the prerequisite academic, cultural and social knowledge and skills needed to achieve success in the Early College Experience initiative while still in high school. Students attend the Summer Enrichment program the summer before the Early College Experience, taking one core class the morning and attending enrichment sessions in the afternoon meant to prepare students for the rigors of college coursework.

    • Smart Start Course
    • Communications 101—Oral Communications OR
    • Communications 107—Public Speaking

    Accuplacer Testing

    Accuplacer testing will take place on the STLCC-Forest Park Campus in February. Students will be transported from University City High School to the STLCC Forest Park Campus for testing.

    class of students at desks Required Accuplacer Cut Scores

    • Reading Comprehension: 77
    • Sentence Skills: 83
    • Mathematics:
      • College Level Math: 46
      • Arithmetic: 80
      • Elementary Algebra: 76
      • College Level: 0-46

    University City Early College Eligibility Requirements

    • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Record of good citizenship
    • Three recommendation letters (two must be from current or former teachers)
    • Qualifying placement scores as determined by the AC-CUPLACER (see column on the left for minimum scores)
    • Completed Essay must accompany application if AC-CUPLACER scores meet the aforementioned cut scores
    • A signed agreement to abide by the expectations and responsibilities of the “College Reimagined for the U” - University City Early College Experience
    • Completion of Application 

    University City Early College Parent Experience Empowerment Support Group

    The purpose of the UC Early College Experience group is to assist parents of students enrolled in the Early College Experience regarding topics such as: how to pay for college/training beyond their child's dual enrollment/credit that is being covered by the District, how to access training opportunities (some free); how to fill out Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and helping parents serve as a support for each other. We are looking for partners with this effort.

    If this aligns with the mission of your agency, contact Clarence Ware at cware@ucityschools.org or (314) 290-4052.