Welcome to the Flynn Park Media Center

    As you come into the Flynn Park Library Media Center, the first thing you will notice is the large message across the back wall:  "We LOVE to READ!"   We try to foster a love of reading in all our children by being attentive to their interests and listening to their suggestions. 

    All classes come to check out books on Tuesdays, but the library is open for checkout any time the librarian is present and has no class.

    We do not put an artificial limit on how many books our older students can check out at any one time.  Instead, they are encouraged to check out no more than they can read in a week.  Our youngest students, as they learn responsibility, have a one book limit, but should they forget to return it, they are welcome to check out a second book to read in the classroom.  

    Although students cannot check out a book if they have two or more books overdue, we allow them to pick one or two selections from donated "2nd Chance" books so that no child has to leave the library without a book to read.