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    The Department of Operations is responsible for the overall maintenance of the buildings and grounds for the District, the security of staff and property, inventory control and compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

    Specific Operations Department responsibilities include:

    Bond Issue/Construction/Renovation Work: Oversee all construction and renovation work being performed in the school district. 

    Building Maintenance & Repair: Repair and maintenance of electrical, lighting, plumbing, doors and locks, HVAC, fire safety, life safety, alarm systems, communications/intercom systems, telephone systems, elevators, lawn equipment, district vehicles, and furniture. For Maintenance Work Requests, submit through lead building/department secretary.

    Building Use Permits: Oversee and monitor the process for the use of school district buildings by all user groups, collect fees, and supervise events as needed. Click here for Building Use Permit information and form.

    Custodial Functions: Oversee the regular and specialized cleaning of all areas of the building.  Staff consists of day custodians and night custodians at each building.  Jackson Park, Barbara Jordan, Julia Goldstein, UCHS, McNair, and Brittany Woods utilize contracted night custodial services while Pershing, Flynn Park, Julia Goldstein, McNair, and UCHS utilize district employees for night custodial staff.

    Grounds Maintenance: Maintain exteriors such as mowing, tree trimming, perimeter fencing, snow removal, etc. Grounds maintenance is performed by both in-house staff and contracted services.  Flower, vegetable gardens, and rain gardens are maintained by U City in Bloom. The C. Edwin Murray Prairie, on the property of Brittany Woods School, is maintained by The Green Center.

    Safety & Security: Respond to emergency and security situations around the school district. Oversee the performance of fire, tornado, intruder, earthquake, and bus evacuation drills at all buildings.  Provide security staff for special events. Collaborate with local law enforcement officials on school district concerns. Perform all necessary inspections as required by local, county, state and federal government. For emergencies, call U. City Police or 911. For non-emerency concerns, call (314) 290-4044.

    Warehouse: Responsible for storing and internal deliveries, moving goods and mail throughout the District including set up for school and district events.

    If you require accommodations to attend an event in the District, please contact Operations at (314) 290-4044.