We Are The School District of University City

  •  We Are The School District of University City

  • It has been said that schools are a reflection of the community they serve.

    The School District of University City reflects the rich history, longtime traditions and prosperous economy of an area that takes pride in its youth and the promise they hold for the future. We are a District that honors the rich cultural history of our community by weaving the arts throughout our curriculum.

    We value the strong sense of community and proactively engage residents and stakeholders in the governance of our District.

    Teaching and learning are paramount. We invest in professional development and intentionally seek the most innovative, effective ways to help our teachers teach and our students learn.

    We respect and appreciate diversity, and in doing so, we work hard to ensure that our programs, services and practices are inclusive.

    We believe in fairness. Compassion is evident in our actions toward each
    other and those entrusted to our care.

    The experiences our students share here connect them for life.

    We are Uniquely U City. We are The School District of University City.