Join The Pride

  •  New Family Online Enrollment


    Greetings New Families!
    Online Sign-up for All Grades for the 2021-22 School Year is Happening Now

    Here is where you can enroll your child online to Join the Pride of the School District of University City.

    You may or may not know that the Lion is the District's official mascot. Our families and staff share the Heart of a Lion. When you join our Pride, you join a community with rigorous, modern and relevant instruction where authentic relationships and strong connections matter. The sooner new families register their children, the sooner they will begin to receive important communication from the superintendent and their school principals,  as well as critical information pertaining to the District's response to COVID-19. Also, new families who enroll will receive a welcome packet as well as other ways to connect with U. City Schools families.

    To register first-time children in the District, you will need to first look at the District's school boundaries to find your school

    There are different ways to sign your child up for school depending on whether you are completely new to University City Schools, whether you already have older students in the District, or your rising kindergartener is currently enrolled in Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Education Center. 

    • For completely new families to SDUC: You begin the process by "enrolling" your child and proceed to "registering" them. Enrollment means that you are providing documentation that you live in University City. Once you enroll your child, you will be given access to further register your child for the upcoming school year. Registration entails filling student information forms, such as medical information, emergency contacts, photo release permission, change of addresses, contact information, etc.
    • For families with older children in the District, but do not have their incoming student currently attending a District school: You must enroll your child through your existing Parent Portal account. Registration entails filling out student information forms such as medical information, emergency contacts, photo release permission, change of addresses, contact information, etc. To complete registration of your new student:
      • Log into your Parent Portal account.
      • Look for the yellow bar at the top of the screen that says "Online registration must be completed for the 2021-22 school year." 
      • Click on the "View" link next to that yellow bar.
      • Click "Edit" for the "Student Information" section.
      • Look for the plus button in the lower-left corner that says "Add Student."
      • Click "Add Student" to add your incoming child to your family and then complete the registration process for all your children. 

    • For families with children enrolled in Julia Goldstein Early Childhood Center: Your child will be manually enrolled into their respective kindergarten according to the District's elementary school building boundaries. You must then register your child through your Parent Portal account. Registration entails filling out student information forms such as medical information, emergency contacts, photo release permission, change of addresses, contact information, etc.

    Enrollment Checklist

    Starting in the summer of 2020, parents are encouraged to enroll online at Services are available for parents or guardians unable to enroll online. Here is a checklist of what you will need to register online. It may be helpful to collect these documents before you begin the enrollment process.

    √ Child’s Birth certificate
    √ Child’s Immunization record
    √ Photo ID (parent or guardian) along with proof of guardianship if other than a custodial parent
    √ Occupancy permit (must list the name of parent or guardian and student)
    √ Two of the following are also requested for proof of residency and enrollment:
          ∆ Current unpaid utility bill (electric, gas, water, trash, sewer)
          ∆ Current lease
          ∆ Personal property tax receipt (previous year)
          ∆ Real estate tax receipt (previous year)
          ∆ Current paycheck stub identifying employee name and address (less than one month old)
          ∆ Voter registration card (current address) 
          ∆ Property deed

    To Enroll Online, go to

    This process will enable parents to complete both enrollment forms and required yearly registration forms. It will also put your family into the full District student database called SISK-12. Once in SISK-12, you will be set to receive critical communication from the District through the summer. The enrollment process can be done in either English or Spanish.

    If you have any questions, please email or call 314-290-4078.

    If You Lack Certain Documentation and/or Digital Access to Enroll Online

    Students may be eligible to enroll even if they are unable to provide all of the requested enrollment checklist documentation listed above. Families may also lack access or the ability to enroll online.

    Please contact the Office of Student Services at 314-290-4045 for further assistance.

    If You Are Having Technical Difficulties With the Parent Portal (online enrollment/registration)

    Contact Mark Basi at for assistance.