Board of Education Policy: Student Publications (Policy IGBD)

    The Board recognizes creative student expression as an educational benefit of the school experience. One medium of expression is student journalism. Some student publications, such as annual yearbooks, school newspapers and student-created or student-edited web pages, may be educational devices developed as part of the curriculum to benefit primarily those who compile, edit and publish them. Faculty advisers will be assigned to guide students engaged in these activities. Any commercial advertisements in these publications will conform to administrative procedures.

    The following school-sponsored student publications at the secondary level are authorized by the Board of Education:

    ►  School Newspaper and/or Magazine -- A school newspaper and/or magazine will be published under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Its purposes are to promote communication and allow students the opportunity to illustrate their creativity and writing skills. The paper may be distributed for a nominal charge to students.

    ►  Yearbook -- A yearbook will be published under the direction of a faculty sponsor. Its purpose will be to provide a history of pertinent information and school events for the current school year. The yearbook will be available to students at a cost to be determined annually by the school administration.

    ►  Web Pages -- Students may be allowed to create or edit web pages under the direction of a designated faculty member. Its purposes are to inform the district staff, students and community of school news and to stimulate creativity and knowledge of new media.

    School-sponsored publications and productions are part of the curriculum and are not a public forum for general student use. School authorities may edit or delete material which is inconsistent with the district's legitimate educational concerns. All student media shall comply with the ethics and rules of responsible journalism. Information obtained from a student's personally identifiable education records shall not be disclosed in student publications unless the information is Directory Information or the district has received written consent from the parent/guardian or eligible student to release the information.

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