U City Schools On The Move!

  • Strategic Planning March 8, 2018 presentation coverAt the start of the 2017-18 school year, administrators in The School District of University City introduced our school community to a program to help identify a common vision for our District and set us on a path of improvement.

    The 2018 Strategic Plan is a “rolling plan” for delivering immediate results and for projecting three to five years into the future.

    By the time the Strategic Plan is complete, teachers and students on all grade levels will be fully engaged in “Learning Reimagined.” (More information is available at www.ucityschools.org/LearningReimagined.)

    As of fall 2018, the Strategic Plan has been streamlined to include a vision, mission, guiding principle and five strategic priorities and initiatives (SPIs). The SPIs are targeted to academic success in five parts:
       1) creating a modern learning experience,
       2) recruiting quality teachers,
       3) teacher and student well-being,
       4) best use of partner talent and
       5) resources and fiscal responsibility.

    Follow our movements as we continue our progression to the completion of the Plan:

    • While the District awaits the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s release of last spring’s standardized test results (anticipated for December 2018), school teams are in action customizing improvement plans and key elements of the new Strategic Plan. Their plans are being refined for presentation to the University City Board of Education and community; an indication of the high level of study and partner involvement enlisted in the process. Watch for more information for a winter "Strategic State of the District" community meeting that is being planned for January 2019, pending DESE's release of test results. 
    • The community was invited to a Strategic Planning Update on May 8, 2018, 6-7:30 p.m. in the UCHS Pruitt Library, 7401 Balson Ave. (Jackson Ave. Entrance).
    • The District’s 2018 Strategic Plan was presented to the Board of Education to be reviewed during the March 8, 2018, work session. Upon final approval, the plan will be communicated widely in an effort to drive the process throughout the District. Click here to read more.
    • Thank you to all of those within our community who took part in our Strategic Planning community meetings in October 2017. Your comments were helpful as we move forward in setting new goals to better serve our students.

    “You can see the Strategic Plan in action across the District,” Superintendent Sharonica Hardin-Bartley says. “Our teams, administrators and Board members stand firmly committed to providing and achieving nothing less than excellence. The lines of communication remain open. Thank you for your continuing feedback!”