• To My Pershing Family,

    Welcome to Pershing Elementary School serving students in kindergarten through the fifth grade in The School District of University City.

    Greetings to you as we continue our quest to educate the children of Pershing Elementary School. Our mission is to improve student achievement. In fact, it is the ultimate goal in developing productive citizens.

    Education and training are vital tools to accessing opportunities. It is our desire to prepare your child to meet the challenges that are presented.

    Testing is one measure being used to distinguish outstanding academic performance. Therefore, we as educators, embrace this measure as our gauge.

    In accepting this challenge, we enlist your support, your child's ability, and the resources of the community to assist in accomplishing it.

    IF WE BELIEVE in our children, WE CAN ACHIEVE outstanding gains.

    Herbert L. Buie, Principal

Principal Herbert Buie