Positive Behavior and Intervention Systems (PBIS)

  • Students must learn to work within the structures of the school environment to improve achievement for all. Not all children come to school with the same understanding regarding appropriate school behavior.  The structures, routines and processes of Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) ensure that schools provide teaching of these expectations so students will experience social, emotional and academic success. All District schools have been implementing PBIS since 2008 with pilot schools as early as 2006.

    Jackson Park School earned the national Bronze Award in 2006, 2007 and 2014.

    Jackson Park High Five Expectations

    Jackson Park School is a community of learners.
    We are all here to learn, grow, and become good citizens.

    We learn to:

    • Be Safe
    • Be Cooperative
    • Be Peaceful
    • Be Kind
    • Be Respectful

    The High Five expectations are designed to help create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, respect and safety at Jackson Park School. The High Five expectations are based on seven guiding principles. We believe these principles will help create an optimal learning environment for the students at Jackson Park Elementary.

    The guiding principles are as follows:
    Clear expectations for student behavior. Clear and consistent strategies for teaching appropriate behavior. Clear and consistent strategies for encouraging appropriate behavior. Clear and consistent consequences that discourage inappropriate behavior. A support system and individual behavioral programs for students with unique or exceptional needs. Clearly designed methods for evaluating and revisiting the High Five expectations. Clear plans and strategies for communicating the characteristics and philosophy of the behavior plan to students and parents.

    School Motto for Positive Behavior
    GIVE ME FIVE: Be Safe  • Be Cooperative • Be Peaceful • Be Respectful • Be Kind

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