• The UCHS AA considers an individual to be a member when his/her membership application is accepted with payment in full of the current year’s dues.

    Members who joined the association prior to December 31, 2004, and who remain current in their dues are considered to be "Charter Members."

    To be considered a Member in "Good Standing" an individual must not only be current in his/her membership dues, but must also have no outstanding debts to the UCHS AA.

    There are three classifications of membership:

    • Graduate - a Member who received a diploma from UCHS, verifiable by UCHS and/or UCSD.
    • Classmate - a Member who attended - but did not graduate from - UCHS, and who affiliates with a specific class year.
    • Alumni By Choice - a Member who joins the UCHS AA but is not a Graduate or Classmate.