The Referral Process

  • Consulting  When a difficult problem-situation persists, a referral may be directed first to the School Counselor, then to the School Social Worker. A referral form needs to be completed to initiate the process. Forms are available through each School Social Worker. Parents may feel and know their child is having trouble in school. They may voluntarily seek the help of the School Social Worker.
         There are occasions when administrators, other support staff and school personnel may refer a student.
         Some students may find in the School Social Worker a person who understands, cares and can help make things go better. Students may also initiate social work services to receive assistance.
         Community agencies may call the school’s attention to the special problems and needs of some children via the School Social Worker, whose additional assistance may be required to fully help the child.

    Who refers pupils to the School Social Worker?

    • Teachers refer through the school counselor.
    • Principals refer after discussion with teachers, counselors, and other school personnel.
    • Parents refer, and call directly.
    • Students refer themselves.
    • Other agencies refer.
    • Everyone is responsible for the well being of our students. It is our hope that you will inform the school social worker when a student and/or his/her family might need help.