What do School Social Workers do?

  • Sign-langauge perormers
    Help Students...
    • overcome barriers to school attendance and achievement
    • improve relationships with others
    • cope with stress
    • develop decision-making skills
    • build confidence and competence
    • increase academic progress

    Help Parents...

    • convey their concerns to school personnel
    • participate more fully in their children’s education
    • understand and meet their children’s social and emotional needs
    • link with programs and community resources such as food service banks and counseling services

    Help Schools...

    • understand factors (cultural, familial, economic) that affect student performance
    • assess student needs and design strategies to enhance student school success
    • contribute to staff development
    • develop and implement plans and programs to meet needs of staff, students and families
    • identify and report child abuse and neglect situations

    Help Communities...

    • understand school policies, programs, practices
    • minimize those environmental factors that inhibit learning
    • develop resources that adequately meet the needs of students and families
    • recognize and mobilize their resources and collaborate with schools