Learning Reimagined

  • The School District of University City is realizing a new approach is needed to further advance our students in today's world. The world is forever changing and in order to prepare our students, we need to be innovative and ready. To address this, Learning Reimagined is a forward thinking approach for students in three areas - Humanize, Personalize and Problematize. 

    Together, these areas build a foundation that work hand-in-hand to create, recognize, examine and practice strategies for our students, our schools and our community. In order to reach these goals, professional learning, curriculum development and instructional development will be implemented so a richer learning experience for all stakeholders is achieved.

    In March 2017, Learning Reimagined was presented to the Board of Education receiving positive feedback. As we begin the implementation phase, it is being unveiled to stakeholders for input and fine tuning.

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    Learning Reimagined trifold outside

    Learning Reimagined Trifold Inside