Learning Reimagined

  • Learning Reimagined
     is The School District of University City's vision of excellence for its students, staff and greater community that enables us to Humanize, Personalize and Problematize learning for all students. Learning Reimagined pursues racial equity with our students, staff and families. Learning Reimagined strives for modern, rigorous an relevant learning experiences for our students and staff. It stresses well-being and joy, because students and staff learn and perform best when they are well. It ensures equitable resources for our students and staff. And, Learning Reimagine recognizes that "all hands" are needed through key partnerships with parents, community and institutions in areas such as business, science, mediciine, the arts, funders and signature St. Louis groups like Washington University, COCA, The Magic House and businesses and industries.

    Learning Reimagined Brochure cover with click here  Learning Reimagined was approved by the University City Board of Education in 2017 after more than a year of stakeholder meetings, national reviews of best practices, community meetings and more.  Click here for a printable brochure on Learning Reimagined.

    Now in its fourth year of implementation, Learning Reimagined is a powerful driver of the educational experience and school cultures in the District. Learning Reimagined is laser-focused on social emotional wellness, authentic and heartfelt relationships, racial equity,  increased measurement school performance, and teacher supports for leadership and improvement. Under Learning Reimagined, the District operates with the mantra Heart of a Lion, reflecting the courage, strength, love and authenticity of a community wiith tremendous pride.

    Milestones include:

    • Creation of a Portrait of a Graduate highlighting the key qualities that must be present in all graduates.
    • Intensive increases in community funding streams enabling an Early College Experience program; unique student learning experiences; increased social emotional programming and supports for students, staff and families; and continous leadership improvement among administrators and staff.
    • Implementation of Panorama, a social emotional measurement of student, parent and staff well-being that can be tracked at the building and student level for immediate intervention and increased supports.
    • Ongoing partnership with Alive & Well Communities for increased training in trauma-informed practices and the recognition of the trauma of racial inequity.
    • Ongoing work and mentorship in recoognizing, analyzing and remediating racial bias in classrooms.
    • Professional development partnerships in math, science and leadership development with Washington University, University of Missouri-St. Lous, Saint Louis University and others.
    • Increased student pathways to business, medicine, health care, and high-paying trades and apprenticeships.
    • Increased partnerships with signature St. Louis institutions and businesses to bring further relevant and modern learning to our students. Partners include COCA, The Magic House, Missouri Botanical Garden and businesses like World Wide Technology, Deloit and Daugherty Business Solutions.
    • Increased student-led initiatives in entrepreneurship, restorative practices, sustainability and social justice.
    • Continued use and accceptance of Restorative Justice in conflict resolution. 
    • Increased school-based wellness activities, including mindfulness, yoga and student-led community-building initiatives.
    • National and local recognition.