Committee Assignments

  • The Board of Education directors serve on various committees that meet monthly, quarterly or annually. Committee work assists the Board and the District in finding solutions and resources to assist in current and/or future issues as well as educating the public on the programs and services provided to students. Board members are asked to serve on committees for one school year, after which the rotation will change to a new board member.

    Board Committees*:

    • Facilities Planning Committee: Joanne Soudah, Lisa Brenner
    • Finance and Audit Committee: Matt Bellows, Dr. Monica Stewart, Lisa Brenner
    • Policy Committee: Lisa Brenner, Matt Bellows, Bridget McDougall


    Other Committees:

    • Accountability: LaVerne Ford-Williams, Matt Bellows, Dr. Monica Stewart
    • Bond Construction: 
    • Commission for Access and Local Original Programming (CALOP): Matt Bellows
    • Economic Development Retail Sales Tax Board (EDRST): Matt Bellows, George Lenard
    • Education Plus/Character Plus: Joanne Soudah
    • Employee Benefits: Dr. Monica Stewart, George Lenard, LaVerne Ford-Williams
    • Governance Committee:  Joanne Soudah, Lisa Brenner, Bridget McDougall
    • Missouri School Boards Association (MSBA): George Lenard; Alternate: Dr. Monica Stewart
    • St. Louis Area Legislative Breakfasts: Lisa Brenner, George Lenard
    • Special School District Governing Council: Joanne Soudah
    • Tax Increment Financing (TIF): Dr. Monica Stewart, George Lenard
    • University City Alumni Association (UCHSAA): Bridget McDougall
    • University City Education Foundation (UCEF): LaVerne Ford-Williams
    • U. City in Bloom: Dr. Monica Stewart

    *Must post agenda and take minutes