Become a Volunteer

  • AEL volunteer It's all about making a difference.

    Basic Philosophy: Volunteers are an essential part of our Adult Education services. Volunteers enhance the quality of our instructional program by donating their time and effort in the classroom.

    Our basic goal is to help adults acquire literacy and language skills and to promote lifelong learning in our learners.  To accomplish these goals, we work closely with the learner in establishing successful learning experiences, promoting positive self-image and self-confidence, and improving competency in literacy and language skills by setting and obtaining learning goals.

    Volunteers will work closely with an instructor by assisting in a variety of ways.  Volunteers may serve as a teacher's aide, a registration aide, Family Literacy aide, a computer lab assistant, or a special project assistant.  Volunteer scheduling and placement is arranged according to each volunteer's availability.

    Volunteer Guidelines: The volunteer is responsible for performing tasks/duties assigned by the instructor under the instructor's guidance and supervision. All information about students must be kept strictly confidential. This is privileged information which cannot be discussed with anyone other than Adult Education staff.  A student's right to privacy is protected by law and if violated, can result in legal action. Volunteers should not give students rides to or from class or class functions because of the school system's liability.

    Application Information: Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer in the adult education program and complete the volunteer tutor training. If you are interested in volunteering in the adult education program, please contact (314) 290-4056.

    Prior to volunteering, you will be required to complete the YMCA Literacy Tutor Training Program. Click here for more information from the YMCA.

    ALSO: Before you make the commitment to be an adult education volunteer, we would like to know a few things about you, so that we can place you in the right position. Click here to complete an information form.