Contact Staff

  • Teachers are always willing to meet with parents, but they are not available during scheduled class time. Arrangements can be made to meet before or after school or during the teacher’s planning time. Every staff member has an email address. You may contact the school at (314) 290-4360 to leave a message for a teacher if you do not have access to email.

    Name Grade/Assignment Phone Ext. Email
    Dr. JaNae' Alfred Principal 4369
    Ms. D. Holliday Adm. Secretary 4361
    Ms. Erika Buckels Nurse/Clinic 4362
    Ms. Anita Qualls Counselor 4364
    Ms. Lindsey Voss Counselor/ L.F. 4377
    Ms. Christine Parks Social Worker 4407
    Ms. Monica Rice Librarian 4365
    Ms. Angeline Williams-Jackson SSD Area Coordinator
    Ms. Gayle Campbell Kdg. 4348
    Ms. Teresa Borum-Cobb Kdg. 4347
    Ms. Alisha Ashford Kdg. 4346
    Ms. Aileen Jones 1st 4344
    Ms. Caitlin Horn 1st 4345
    Ms. Megan Lienhop 1st 4343
    Ms. Laura Fanz 2nd 4342
    Ms. Lillian Summers 2nd 4340
    Ms. Amy Pearson 2nd 4341
    Ms. Nancy Luebbers 3rd 4351
    Ms. Daphne Owona 3rd 4350
    Ms. LaToya Crockett 3rd 4349
    Ms. Christina Bell 4th 4353
    Ms. Stacey Kinstler 4th 4352
    Ms. Gabrielle Maune 4th 4354
    Ms. Victoria Stevens 5th 4356
    Ms. Latasha Gaston 5th 4355
    Ms. Beth Gibson 5th 4357
    Ms. Julie Hernandez ESOL 4382
    Ms. Lu Waldemer Art 4366
    Mr. Justin Spencer Music 4358
    Ms. Elizabeth Goodbrake Strings 4352
    Ms. Jill Rogers TIL 4367
    Mr. Marvin Rice TIL 4375
    Ms. Hallie Lindemann Reading Specialist 4378
    Mr. Michael Loveless P.E. 4338
    Ms. Wu Bakeman T.A.G.D. 4359
    Ms. Tammie Wright SSD 4372
    Ms. Synetra Butler SSD 4372
    Ms. Anne Geier SSD 4373
    Ms. Shannon Poynter SSD 4373
    Ms. Adrian Jones SSD 4373
    Ms. Suzanne Feagan SSD 4371
    Ms. Kim Hurley SSD 4317
    Mr. Anthony Norton Teacher Aide
    Ms. Karen Bernstein Wrap Around Service Director  4384
    Ms. Roxy Isaguarre Trauma Informed Care Specialist 4385
    Mr. Ernest Washington Custodian