U City Teacher of the Year Award

  • Teaher of the year apple award Deadline: First Friday in January
    Nominations accepted year-round

    Nominations may come from colleagues, students, parents or any other community members. 

    The School District of University City is always seeking Teacher of the Year Award nominations.

    The District’s selected representative will participate in the Missouri Teacher of the Year program, sponsored by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and Emerson Electric’s Excellence in Teaching Awards reception.

    Teachers, staff, students, parents, community members, or anyone can nominate any teacher of their choice using the simple new nomination form. According to national guidelines, persons in administrative or supervisory positions, including counselors, are ineligible. Please describe why you believe the nominee deserves to be the School District of University City's Teacher of the Year. 

    After all the nominations are received, it is up to the nominee to complete the requirements outlined by the Teacher of the Year Selection Committee in order to be eligible as a potential candidate for Teacher of the Year. All nominees will receive every nomination submitted on their behalf.

    All nominations should be sent to:

    The School District of University City
    Teacher of the Year Selection Committee
    c/o Office of Curriculum & Instruction
    7700 Olive Blvd., University City, MO 63130

    or email pbrewer@ucityschools.org or egardner@ucityschools.org

    Nominations may also be submitted via your nearest University City public school's main office. Please be sure to address your sealed envelope as stated above and allow two school days for arrival to McNair building. Late nominations will be held for the following year. 

    New awardee(s) are announced during a springtime school board meeting and during the District's year-end U Are Special celebration, formerly called Honorees & Retirees Reception in May.

    Click here for list of past awardees.