Visually Communicating Our "Why"

  • Brand Guide Cover This District's brand guide is an important component of our communications effort. In it you will find helpful information and guidelines that allow us tomaintain a more unified, consistent presence and voice for the District. The information in this guide helps clarify and amplify our brand. The Brand Guide gives detailed information relating to logo use, color palettes, grammar and style guides and even PowerPoint® presentations. All of these communications tools are a reflection of the District. Every email is an advertisement. Every social media post leaves an impression. Every banner is a billboard. We want to communicate in a manner that elevates the District’s brand and speaks to excellence in all that we do.

    The visual identity program is composed of a system of coordinated graphic elements, including District logos, individual school logos, athletics logo, official taglines, typography and specific color palettes. The visual identity elements described within our brand guide are designed to be used for all official communications from the District. This guide also contains useful information regarding our style of communication and acceptable use of logo, terminology and abbreviations specific to The School District of University City. You will also find helpful information on a variety of other aspects of communications from acceptable practices for creating internal memos and email signatures to photography and social media. If you have any questions about the contents of this guide or need assistance, call us at (314) 290-4001 or email