Communications Support Procedures

  • The Communications and Community Outreach Team is here to support your needs:

    • Consultations
    • Event Planning
    • Graphic Design
    • Printing
    • Publicity
    • Photography
    • Videography
    • District Website
    • District Social Media

    In 2020, the Communications team simplified the process to request support for pre-press design, printing, social media, special events, etc. Simply complete the online for at and a member of the team will follow up with you. If you need to share additional details, please email the team at Please DO NOT email any individual team member directly to initiate.

    Reminder: Setting and meeting deadlines for major projects will be critical to this process. Photography/Videography and major print projects such as parent/student/discipline handbook revisions, study guides, or fliers and posters with specific distribution schedules will need to be scheduled appropriately.

    • Print Order: The School District of University City contracts printing services that are beyond our in-house capabilities. While the communications team can provide some printing/copying services on a small scale, most larger jobs are outsourced at the cost of the department making the request. The move to contracted services helps with efficiency and results in cost savings to the District. For complicated requests, a Print Shop Order Form (PSOF) can be helpful. (Click here for download of the 1-page PDF with typewriter enabled - updated 011917 and upload when submitting the CommunicationsRequest)
    • Graphic Design Support: If your project requires pre-print design support including PDF of existing file, new formatting, editing, new design or if you need to consult with a communications specialist, please complete the online for at
    • Branding: All District communications must adhere to the District brand guide and styles. Click here for more information about our recent rebranding and Brand & Graphics Guide.
    • Stationery: Stationery is designed to maintain the integrity of the District's brand identity and establish professional quality to represent the District. Color printing is required for all official correspondences; do not print in black and white. See Brand Guide for more details. To assure consistency, please click here for templates. If you need something that is not available, please submit a request for graphic design support.
    • Backpack Wednesday moves to Peachjar: In 2017, the District transitioned to Peachjar. Wednesday backpack flyers are now sent electronically and posted to the District/school websites under the Peachjar link. All Peachjar requests must still adhere to the Administrative Procedures for Flyers. Click here for more information about Peachjar procedures.

    If you need support at any time, please call (314) 290-4001 or email