Information for Media

  • For media inquiries contact Communications and Community Outreach, at (314) 290-4001. You may also email
    GOTR MEdia day All media requests pertaining to The School District of University City, its students, staff, administrators, programs and activities should first be forwarded to the attention of the Communications and Community Outreach (CCO) office.

    Official comments relating to District incidents, students, staff, programs and activities will be coordinated through the CCO office. The superintendent and the CCO executive director are the official spokespersons for the District; however, other administrators, school board members, teachers and staff may speak on behalf of the District if authorized to do so by either this department or the superintendent.

    Students whose parents/guardians have signed the District's media exclusion form may not participate in media-related activities, including, but not limited to: interviews for news coverage; District publications, projects and promotional materials; and/or activities involving being photographed, videotaped or recorded. All student participation in media-related activities will be conducted in the presence of a representative from the CCO office, the school principal, a teacher, or other authorized District personnel.

    A representative of the CCO office must accompany any news crew, reporter or photographer while on campus or at any building in the District. Media representatives must first contact our office prior to visiting any District building.
    Legally, print and broadcast media may photograph District buildings if reporters/photographers are standing on the sidewalk or in the street near the structure. Students may be interviewed if outside of school hours and not on District property.
    The CCO will contact Operations and Security if media are disrupting the flow of traffic around the school or upsetting students as they are entering or exiting school property.